Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution South Africa

Invitation to interested companies and organisations to partner with the C4IR SA as Tier 1 Core Members.

The C4IR-SA invites companies and organisations in the private and public sectors, and other stakeholder groups representative of any of the sectors of the economy to herein express their interest to partner with the C4IR SA as Tier 1 Core Members, as per the guidance in section 3 of this invitation.

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  1. Khutso

    I would like to know about the updated ISO standards with regard to the drastic change in technology.

      1. The Association for Project Management of South Africa (NFO) and its Training Service Providers would like to participate in this endeavour. Steve Jansen Director and chairman of the board.

  2. Good Day,

    I co-founded a youth social innovation hub that is based in Khayelitsha and I am very much interested in seeing how we could partner.


  3. We are a mining & crushing company based and operating in Limpopo. We are particularly interested to partner with C4IRSA for innovative ideas and also a successful implementation of the latest technologies which address issues of climate change etc.

    Thank you and please send us more information pertaining to this project.

    Best regards


  4. Vuyiswa Ndzakana

    This is an expression of interest as Founder and director of Ms3 Property & Investments to be the partner with C4IR SA as tier 1 core member.

  5. Reginald Ntloko

    I’d like to be exposed to the innovative technologies through the 4IR programs and projects so as to place my company that will involve itself in manufacturing and production of steel and metal alloys poles, beams and structural frames.

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National and Global Cooperation for Impact

The Centre draws on private sector, government, academia and civil society to co-design technology governance frameworks.


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