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Gauteng Province 4IR Growth and Digitisation Strategy

Development of the Gauteng Province 4IR Growth and Digitisation Strategy was led by a 4IR panel that consisted of members from academia, business and Gauteng government departments and agencies. The panel established five working groups and invited technical contributors to join.

The strategy was launched by the Gauteng Premier in August 2021. The core pillars of the strategy include digital infrastructure – providing a backbone for the requisite ubiquitous connectivity, inclusivity of marginalised communities and enabling technologies to underpin digital service delivery and strategic positioning of Gauteng’s industries; human capital development, providing skills for the future of work in all segments of our society; research and innovation to address challenges faced by government and businesses in their daily operations; and an enabling environment typified by new approaches to developing policies, frameworks and standards (on interoperability, privacy and security) in the context of a rapidly changing world. The Strategy has further highlighted the major economic sectors within the province and the importance of digitalisation within those sectors for the full appropriation of various 4IR technologies. Data is highlighted as the glue and fuel that will drive Gauteng’s digital transformation. To use the premier’s own words, “data will be Gauteng’s new gold”.

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