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Knowledge and Support Partners

All knowledge and support partners will be requested to facilitate the activities of the Centre through in-kind. Knowledge and support partners may enjoy certain benefits of project-level partners, depending on the contribution agreed upon.

Knowledge partners will be drawn from academia, government, small business and civil society groups that are relevant to individual priority areas in the C4IR South Africa. Knowledge partners will be called upon to provide information (academic, industrial or social) that is relevant to a particular project or priority area as a whole. They will be invited to participate in working groups on projects, as well as broader discussions facilitated by the Centre.

Support partners are parties with a specific interest in providing a support role or more to the Centre, such as facilitating the events and meetings of the Centre or providing technological support to a range of projects in that portfolio. Support partners are required for the practical knowledge of the implementation and necessary governance of a particular technology or group of technologies.

Current Partners

Founding Partners

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