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World Economic Forum 2019: Globalization 4.0 – a better version

Between 22 and 25 January 2019, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the most important annual meeting of political, economic, scientific leaders and personalities, took place in Davos, Switzerland. The central theme of this edition was Globalization 4.0 (Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution); a concept used here2 to explain the new era of intelligent and ubiquitous technologies that will connect everyone and everything in ways that have not been achieved so far by the previous “engines” of globalization – steam, electricity or computing. Among the participants there was a broad consensus that international relations and the world economy are at a turning point, so that the 2019 meeting was intended to be the appropriate framework for promoting a comprehensive approach to the more complex problems of the contemporary world.

For the full paper please visit https://search.proquest.com/openview/cece1ae7dc01253aba2fe5d81eccde48/1?cbl=1876337&pq-origsite=gscholar

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